ABACE Stand Drawing & Hanging Sign Approval

Stand Drawings

Deadline Date:February 22, 2019

Exhibitors occupying the following types of stands must submit detailed stand drawings to ABACE management for approval via the form below.

Refer to: Stand rules

Stand Drawings needed for all raw exhibit space, including:

  • Multilevel
  • Covered
  • Peninsula Stands
  • Island Stands
  • Inline Raw

Multilevel and covered stand exhibits must receive approval from both:

Scaled floor plans must include:
  • Event name and stand number
  • Include front and back orientation
  • Maximum number of occupants allowed
  • Drawings with front and side elevations
  • Structural engineer’s stamp certifying that the platform can bear the maximum occupant load
  • Copy of the fireproof materials license indicating the building materials used (carpet, wood and paint) are fire retardant. Note: A copy of this license must also be available on-site during move-in.
  • Label direction your stand will face
  • Back of your stand
  • Electricians with valid work certificates (if applicable)

Note: Incomplete drawings will not be reviewed until all elements are provided. Late submissions may delay move in.

Note: Exhibits over 3.7m (12 ft) are subject to approval by the local Shanghai Fire Safety Authority. Exhibitor and/or the EAC is responsible for any additional fees associated with the stand design approval.

Contact: exhibits@abace.aero

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