EBACE Stand Drawing & Hanging Sign Approval

Stand Drawings

Deadline Date: March 22, 2019

Exhibitors occupying raw exhibit space must submit detailed stand drawings including dimensions to EBACE Management for approval. Exhibitors in inline stands do not need to submit stand drawings.

Refer to: Stand rules

Stand drawings are required to be submitted for prior approval to EBACE management for the following types of exhibit space:

  • Multilevel
  • Covered
  • Non-perimeter island
  • Perimeter island
  • Non-perimeter peninsula stand
  • Perimeter islands
  • Inline raw
  • Booths with hanging signs or lighting trusses

Only multilevel and covered stand exhibits must receive approval from both EBACE Management and Palexpo

Stand drawings submitted for approval must include:

  • Exhibitor name and stand number
  • Technical drawings
  • Maximum number of occupants allowed
  • Structural engineer's stamp certifying that platforms can bear the maximum occupant load
  • Rise and run/tread of steps/stairs
  • Stand dimensions (heights, widths, and lengths of hard walls, including glass)
  • Lighting trusses (Note: Lighting trusses must fit completely within purchased exhibit space.)
  • Orientation (label surrounding stand numbers)
  • Rendering packet, including views of all four sides and overhead view
  • Safety rigging (Non-perimeter stands are permitted a maximum of four security rigging points.
    All exhibit elements in these locations must be ground supported.)
  • Hanging signs, if applicable (permitted in perimeter locations only)

NOTE: All raw space exhibitors must submit complete stand drawings for review, even those exhibitors who will be using the same exhibit as in previous years. If stand drawings are not complete when submitted, they will not be reviewed until complete.

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are only permitted in perimeter island locations. (Highlighted in green on the floorplan)

Security Rigging Points

Exhibitors with non-perimeter and main aisle spaces are permitted a maximum of 4 safety rigging points, provided prior approval has been obtained from show management.

Spotlight Rigging

  • Permitted above any island stand, regardless of location, provided prior approval has been obtained from EBACE Management.
  • Spotlight rigging above stands must remain focused on the display and cannot interfere with other exhibits or extend into aisles.

Contact: exhibits@ebace.aero

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Booth Visuals (Inline Raw stands: 2.5 m. height limit, company name header to 3.05 m; Shell Scheme: 2.5m; Island Stands: Main Aisle- 4.6 m., Non-Main Aisle -6.1m., Perimeter- 9.1m.)

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