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An Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor is any individual or company that is not an employee of your company and is hired to install/dismantle/provide service to your booth (i.e.; installation/dismantling contractors, booth designers/builders, non-official florists, furniture suppliers, laborers, etc.). Any exhibitor using a non-official EAC for installation and dismantling must provide NBAA with the following by January 15, 2020.

If your Company plans to use a firm that is not designated as an NBAA Official Service Contractor, please complete the form below. The Notification of Intent to Use Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor form must be submitted for each company contracted to work on your booth.

NOTE: Exhibitors must also upload a copy of the EAC application/contract with this form to ensure each EAC will have insurance.

NOTE: It is the Exhibitor's responsibility to ensure that all representatives of the Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor abide by West Palm Beach Regional Forum Rules & Regulations and to provide badges for those staff working on show days.

If you have questions please direct them to Meagan Keller at (202) 737-4487.

Exhibitor Information

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Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor

Please be sure to inform your Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor/Stand Builder that they must upload or email Show management a copy of their signed application/contract by January 15, 2020, or they will not be permitted to service your exhibit at West Palm Beach Regional Forum. Furthermore, if a Notification of Intent to Use Exhibitor-Appointed (EAC) form is not received by the January 15, 2020, deadline, Freeman will provide all needed items and services for your booth and will bill accordingly.

Exhibitors utilizing the services of an installation and dismantling company/EAC during official show hours must provide exhibitor badges for those individuals. Installation and dismantling individuals working other than official show hours are required to wear setup and tear-down wristbands. Information on wristbands will be supplied in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Show Management may deny an EAC access to West Palm Beach Regional Forum when these requirements have not been met or when in the best interests of the event. Show Management will not be responsible for any lost profits or any damages of exhibitor or EAC that result.