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NBAA Air Traffic Management Specialists at the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center provide these impact statements for VIP TFRs, detailing the effects that these specific TFRs have on business and general aviation, including what airports and airspace might be affected. NBAA TFR impact statements reference public airports with at least one runway of at least 3000' in length.

NOTE: While this page is updated by NBAA staff as quickly as possible after Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) are issued or changed, operators are advised to verify that the TFR NOTAM numbers referenced below match the current TFR NOTAM numbers on the FAA’s Graphic TFR web page. This will ensure that operators are looking at the most current TFR data.

Ongoing TFR Impacts

  • Palm Beach - review information about the impacts on business aviation traffic when the President is at his Mar-a-Lago residence

  • Bedminster - review information about the impacts on business aviation traffic when the President is at his Bedminster estate

Presidential TFR NOTAMs

There are no current 91.141 Presidential TFRs.

Vice Presidential TFR NOTAMs

These NOTAMs refer to one or more 3 nautical mile TFRs. General aviation operations will be permitted inside these TFRs as long as the aircraft are on IFR flight plans and in communication with ATC. Additionally, operators at the airport(s) listed above should expect a short stoppage of arrivals (holding) and departures (no ground movement) during the actual arrival or departure of the VIP.

Visit the FAA's TFR web page to view the NOTAM text

There are no current 91.141 Vice-Presidential TFRs.


Other VIP NOTAMs are those which fall under FAR Part 91.141, but are not related directly to the President or Vice-President. Examples of these would be the 2016 Papal visit to the US or the protection afforded to the President-elect and Vice-President-elect following the election. Normally, the restrictions associated with uncategorized TFRs very closely mimic those found within Vice-Presidential TFRs, but operators should always be sure to check the associated NOTAMs before operating into or near them.

There are no current Uncategorized TFRs.